dotCOMpad: "Be the Boss of Your Domain Name!"

HardCover (imagewrap) journal that helps you keep on top of your domains offline


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The Purpose of dotCOMpad!

Add value to your Domain Names:

Secure Social Media Accounts
After finding and reserving your name on the social web, WRITE IT DOWN!
Develop your Site with Key Resources
Develop a plan, build a site, create a video, etc. Key resources to make it happen.
Make Progression!
Make note of when you bought a domain name, it's status, and when you sold it and for what profit. Easy organization, especially for domain name flippers.
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About The Inventor

Murice Damion Miller

Murice Damion Miller  is a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur, described as having a real talent for creativity, innovation and accomplishment. He currently lives in Moab, Utah, and is an intern with the Moab Small Business Development Center and with the Moab Sun News. Murice also works with KCYN 97.1 FM as an advertising account executive. There, he helps small businesses gain exposure through advertising and a new program that is being developed titled, "MoabStartups."

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